Quality Well Inspection Services in Central Illinois & The Surrounding Areas

If you live in a rural area in central Illinois, chances are your home gets its water supply from a well residing somewhere on your property. While water wells are just as good as traditional city plumbing, oftentimes your wells need to be inspected to ensure the systems are operating efficiently and do not contain any harmful bacteria. Having your water wells inspected once a year can not only prevent the opportunity for extensive repairs to arise, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that your water supply is healthy and safe to use. Call S & J Well Drilling for expert well inspection services for your residential property today!

Our Expert Well Inspection Services

When it comes to keeping you and your family safe, S & J Well Drilling is here for all of your well inspection needs. If you are noticing a foul smell coming from your kitchen or bathroom spouts, or a change in the color of your water supply, call our certified plumbing experts to conduct a professional inspection on your home’s drilled or shallow well. Contaminated water is a serious concern that can affect not only your health but your ability to participate in daily activities like cooking and cleaning. Call our facility in central Illinois today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive well inspection.

Drilled Well vs. Shallow Well

If you are noticing an inconsistency in the quality of your water supply, the issue could be different depending on the type of well that is connected to your property. There are two modern well designs that many Americans throughout the country rely on for filtered water – drilled wells, and shallow wells. If you are unsure what type of well supplies the water to your home, here are a few key distinctions between the two:

Drilled Well

Drilled wells are the safest and most modern wells we have today. Using intricate drilling equipment, our team at S & J Well Drilling will install a well anywhere from 10 to 60 feet deep, sealing it off with a vacuum-sealed well cap to prevent any bacteria or insects from entering the system. Common issues found during the inspection include mostly internal malfunctions with the check valve or pipe itself.

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Shallow Well

Shallow wells are much larger in diameter and are roughly anywhere from 10 to 30 feet deep. While shallow wells are also a common water supply for central Illinois households, issues may arise with the seal cap that is generally not as secure as a drilled well, allowing bacteria to enter the system more frequently.

Call S & J Well Drilling today for a complete inspection of your drilled and shallow wells.

What Do Our Well Inspection Services Consist Of?

Our well inspection services consist of a variety of steps that are takes to ensure the safety of your home’s water supply. Whether there is an issue with the well cap, pump, electrical system, or pressure tank, S & J Well Drilling is here to provide quality well inspection services to keep your water supply free of contamination.

After a brief consultation about the functioning of your system, we will perform a test to access the issue happening from inside the tank. Every separate part of your well system will be inspected to ensure everything is functioning up to local sanitation standards. After receiving a full report of our findings, we will give our expert opinion on what needs to take place to repair the state of your water system.

How Do I Prevent Future Water Contamination?

Preventing future contamination of your water well is essential to the safety and functioning of your household. While our wells are designed to last decades without needing serious repairs, accidents happen, and issues can arise without warning. To prevent serious repairs to your well stem, here are a few maintenance tips that should be conducted on a regular basis: